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Jim was known for always having some sort of deal going. If he was sitting and speaking to someone, he was most likely letting them in on his latest plan. In addition to buying and selling homes and rental properties, he started the Shirt Shack and Gift Shop in Calcutta and also made souvenirs and mementoes of local attractions such as the Alumni Clock Tower and Mountaineer Gaming Resort with a kiln at his home.

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He also served as a volunteer firefighter at one time. He could also often be found rooting for one or another of his grandchildren at any number of athletic fields over the years. His wife, Sherrill K. Dawson Cannon, whom he married March 26, , preceded him in death March 23, They continue his tradition of success in a variety of professions providing service to the community or their country.

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He will be sadly missed by his devoted children: three daughters, Cathy Gilkinson and her husband Tom and Vickie Bock and her husband Dan, both of Calcutta; Patricia A. Friends may visit Wednesday afternoon and evening at the Dawson Funeral Home, where the family will be present from and p.

Father George Balasko will conduct services at 1 p. Thursday at the funeral home. Burial will be at Riverview Cemetery. Share on Facebook.

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So sorry to hear of your Mike and family, so sorry Dana Channels. My deepest sympathy goes Doug Elliott. Jasper, I am very sor Lisa Williams. My prayers go out to t We are so sorry to hear Corey and Karen Blakeley.

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Patty and Jasper, We are The gun cannot fire a 'live' round as scale limitations restrict the amount of cordite that could propel a slug out of the chamber and along the barrel. Shortest spy The smallest recorded spy was the Frenchman, Richebourg , who measured 58 cm 1 ft 11 in as an adult.

Richebourg was employed by the aristocracy to act as a secret agent during the French Revolution , dispatching messages into and out of Paris, whilst disguised as an infant and carried by his 'nurse'. First stealth videogame Clearly inspired by James Bond, the first game to utilise basic stealth game mechanics was which was released by Sega in The game was an evolution of the ''avoid ''em up'' genre which was popular in arcades at the time and cast the player as a spy trying to deliver a briefcase to a helicopter while avoiding enemies Oldest continuously serving intelligence organization The British Secret Intelligence Service was founded in October and is the oldest continuously surviving intelligence collecting organisation in the world.

It was only publicly acknowledged in and is still popularly referred to by one of its earlier titles, MI6 Military Intelligence 6 , a cover name used from early in the Second World War. The episode came a full eight years before Albert R. No, starring Sean Connery. Most Martinis served Dry Martini in Barcelona, Spain, has logged every single martini cocktail ever sold in the bar, and their 1 millionth martini was sold on 30 June The cocktail bar, which was opened in by Javier de las Muelas Spain , features a giant digital counter that keeps track of the drinks - which must be a classic gin or vodka martini to qualify.

Customers who purchase a martini also receive a certificate documenting the number of their drink. On 14 June he was found guilty of spying for the USSR and Russia, including the sale of classified material to the Russians whilst serving as the civilian chief of the US Army Element of the Nuremburg Joint Interrogation Center - an intelligence unit in Germany - between to Ironically, Trofimoff was born in Germany to Russian parents and became a naturalized US citizen in ; precisely 50 years before he was sentenced to life imprisonment on 28 September Her first hit came in February , with her year chart span a record for a female performer.

The London-born vocalist's hugely successful album 21 has racked up an incredible 27 records. Arguably the most impressive is that she is the first female to have biggest-selling album and single in US and UK in same year. Born Adele Adkins, in she crowned 12 months of record-breaking feats by becoming the first act since The Beatles in to achieve the 'transatlantic quadruple' - the top-selling album and single in the US and the UK in the same year.

In the US, the album 21 and lead single "Rolling in the Deep" amassed sales of 5. In Adele's homeland, 21 and "Someone Like You" shifted 3. It could easily be hidden in a purse or handbag. It was reportedly discovered during at a border crossing into the West. Smallest helicopter In terms of rotor length, the smallest helicopter is the GEN H-4 made by Gen Corporation Japan with a rotor length of only 4 m 13 ft , a weight of only 70 kg Unlike more traditional helicopters, it has two sets of coaxial contra-rotating rotors which eliminate the need for a tail rotor for balancing.

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Largest collection of espionage-related items Most Laurence Olivier awards won by an individual Judie Dench, who has played M, the head of Mi6 since 's Goldeneye, has won a record seven Olivier Awards during her career. She shares the the record with designer William Dudley. Most films with a swordfight by an actor According to movie stuntman and historian Derek Ware UK , Lee also holds the record for the most screen swordfights, having duelled in 17 films with foils, swords, lightsabres and billiard cues! Steepest runway at an international airport Courchevel International Airport, which is located in the French Alps and featured in the opening sequence of Tomorrow Never Dies, possesses the world's steepest runway.

The landing strip, which is a mere 1, feet long, is angled at Because of the shortness of the runway, aircraft take off downhill and land uphill. The dangers associated with operating out of Courchevel are such that pilots are required to obtain certification before attempting a landing.

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First spy satellites using photo-optical Project CORONA, established in , was the first known use of 'reconnaissance' or 'spy' satellites to gather intelligence. The satellites would eject sealed canisters or 'buckets' of exposed film, which would parachute down for mid-air collection by specially adapted aircraft.

The movie saw Daniel Craig UK make his debut in the lead role, and despite the choice being widely criticized by diehard Bond fans, the decision was clearly vindicated by the global success of the film and a Best Actor BAFTA nomination for the 'Blond Bond' - a first for this role. Most powerful laser weapon Goldfinger's laser was powerful enough to put a laser dot on the moon. It is designed to fit inside a modified Boeing and will ultimately be used to track and destroy ballistic missiles.