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Since release 4. It helps you to jump to the table directly, without the need to select the database, and then select the table. You can add tables to this list or remove tables from it in database structure page by clicking on the star icons next to table names. Without configuring the storage, you can still access the favorite tables, but it will disappear after you logout.

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Without configuring the storage, these features still can be used, but the values will disappear after you logout. Users can be assigned to these groups and the logged in user would only see menu items configured to the usergroup they are assigned to. Configurable menus and user groups. These columns in the central list will be available to use while you create a new column for a table or create a table itself.

You can select a column from central list while creating a new column, it will save you from writing the same column definition over again or from writing different names for similar column. The mechanism supports logging of data manipulation and data definition statements. After enabling it you can create versions of tables. Of course you can view the tracked changes. On the Tracking page a complete report is available for every version. For the report you can use filters, for example you can get a list of statements within a date range.

In addition you can export the filtered report to a file or to a temporary database. Sets the time zone used by phpMyAdmin. Leave blank to use the time zone of your database server. This is useful when your database server uses a time zone which is different from the time zone you want to use in phpMyAdmin. Whether to allow root access. Whether to allow logins without a password.

The default value of false for this parameter prevents unintended access to a MySQL server with was left with an empty password for root or on which an anonymous blank user is defined. If your rule order is empty, then IP authorization is disabled. If your rule order is set to 'deny,allow' then the system applies all deny rules followed by allow rules. Access is allowed by default. Any client which does not match a Deny command or does match an Allow command will be allowed access to the server.

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If your rule order is set to 'allow,deny' then the system applies all allow rules followed by deny rules. Access is denied by default. Any client which does not match an Allow directive or does match a Deny directive will be denied access to the server. For the IP address matching system, the following work:.

Cookbook: Creating a Simple CRUD - Oro

For IPv6 addresses, the following work:. Name of PHP script to be sourced and executed to obtain login credentials. This is alternative approach to session based single signon. Signon authentication mode. Name of session which will be used for signon authentication method. You should use something different than phpMyAdmin , because this is session which phpMyAdmin uses internally.

An associative array of session cookie parameters of other authentication system. URL where user will be redirected to log in for signon authentication method. Should be absolute including protocol. The url of the proxy to be used when phpmyadmin needs to access the outside internet such as when retrieving the latest version info or submitting error reports. You need this if the server where phpMyAdmin is installed does not have direct access to the internet. The username for authenticating with the proxy.

By default, no authentication is performed. If a username is supplied, Basic Authentication will be performed. No other types of authentication are currently supported. The maximum number of characters when a SQL query is displayed. The default limit of should be correct to avoid the display of tons of hexadecimal codes that represent BLOBs, but some users have real SQL queries that are longer than characters.

Locating a Service Path

Whether persistent connections should be used or not. Works with following extensions:. Please adjust your webserver instead. Whether to force using https while accessing phpMyAdmin. In a reverse proxy setup, setting this to true is not supported. Set the number of seconds a script is allowed to run. If seconds is set to zero, no time limit is imposed. This folder should not be publicly accessible through the webserver, otherwise you risk leaking private data from your session.

Set the number of bytes a script is allowed to allocate. If set to '-1' , no limit is imposed. If set to '0' , no change of the memory limit is attempted and the php. It has no effect when PHP is running in safe mode. You can also use any string as in php. Mark used tables and make it possible to show databases with locked tables since MySQL 3. Defines whether the SQL query box should be kept displayed after its submission. Defines whether to use a Javascript code editor for SQL query boxes. CodeMirror provides syntax highlighting and line numbers.

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However, middle-clicking for pasting the clipboard contents in some Linux distributions such as Ubuntu is not supported by all browsers. The possible values are 'default' , 'enable' or 'disable'. This is not a security measure as there will be always ways to circumvent this. If you want to prohibit users from dropping databases, revoke their corresponding DROP privilege. Defines whether normal users non-administrator are allowed to delete their own database or not.

phpMyAdmin 4.5.5

This is due to nature of SQL queries which might be quite complicated. So this choice should be viewed as help to avoid accidental dropping rather than strict privilege limitation. Define whether phpMyAdmin will continue executing a multi-query statement if one of the queries fails.

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Default is to abort execution. Whether or not the drag and drop import feature is enabled.

When enabled, a user can drag a file in to their browser and phpMyAdmin will attempt to import the file. The secret should be 32 characters long. Using shorter will lead to weaker security of encrypted cookies, using longer will cause no harm. Changed in version 3. Define how long a login cookie is valid. Please note that php configuration option session. So it is a good idea to set session. Define how long login cookie should be stored in browser. Default 0 means that it will be kept for existing session.

This is recommended for not trusted environments. If enabled default , logout deletes cookies for all servers, otherwise only for current one. Setting this to false makes it easy to forget to log out from other server, when you are using more of them.

The regular expression must be enclosed with a delimiter character. It is recommended to include start and end symbols in the regullar expression, so that you can avoid partial matches on the string. The whole server name is matched, it can include port as well. This can be used to bypass regullar expression by the suffix, while connecting to another server. The number of items tables, columns, indexes that can be displayed on each page of the navigation tree.

Defines a string to be used to nest table spaces. If set to false or empty, the feature is disabled. NOTE: You should not use this separator at the beginning or end of a table name or multiple times after another without any other characters in between. The maximum number of recently used tables shown in the navigation panel. Set this to 0 zero to disable the listing of recent tables.

The maximum number of favorite tables shown in the navigation panel. Set this to 0 zero to disable the listing of favorite tables. Enables Zero Configuration mode in which the user will be offered a choice to create phpMyAdmin configuration storage in the current database or use the existing one, if already present. Enter URL where logo in the navigation panel will point to. For use especially with self made theme which changes this.