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Those translations require a simple certification by the person who is translating the document. The translation and certification of the translations are extremely important because if they are not included it could lead to a delay or rejection of your application. When it comes to the certification, the translator must promise they are competent to translate the language and that the translation is accurate.

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Almost anyone can certify the translation of a document as long as they can do accurately and complete a certification form. Date: Typed Name Address. If you need further assistance with translations you may choose to hire an accredited translation service like Day Translations. These types of services can help you translate a document from a variety of different languages into English.

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Citizenship and Immigration Services It is always more prudent to get a 3rd party, who knows what they are doing, such as MotaWord, to handle these translations. A certified translation needs to be done by a person who attests to being competent to translate the foreign language in this case Spanish into English.

When the translator performs the certified Translation from Spanish to English for USCIS they then certify that work as being complete and accurate with their signature sometimes it also needs a notarization but more on that for a later article - we are only covering certified translation of Spanish into English documents for USCIS in this one. With legal documents and immigration issues, you must use a service that knows what they are doing or you could end up regretting it.

Translating a document for the USCIS: What you need to know

How do you get this done? All you need to do is take a photo of the document on your phone, upload it to MotaWord, get a price quote and make your payment.

You can get a quote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Your quote will include an estimate of how soon you can expect to receive your translated document.