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A lot number along with the Plan Book volume and page number reference of the recorded subdivision 2.

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A complete lot description in metes and bounds. The metes and bounds can be footage and degree measurements or bounds of other properties and streets and distances. A prior deed reference for the same property including complete book volume number and page number. The use of a notary embosser seal is optional for Pennsylvania acknowledgments.

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If any of these requirements are missing, the acknowledgment is considered defective, and the document will be rejected for recording. The notary stamp must be clear, legible not faded and in the vicinity of the acknowledgment. Writing or typing information on the notary stamp is a violation of Chapter 12 of the Pennsylvania Notary Law.

Pennsylvania has adopted the Uniform Acknowledgment Act, and therefore all acknowledgments must comply with the Act. See Purdon's 21 Section The acknowledgment date of a document must not predate the document date. All foreign language documents must include written English translations to be recorded with the original notarized instrument.

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All mortgage satisfactions must be accompanied by either the original mortgage, or a certified copy of the original mortgage, or a copy of the first page of the original recorded mortgage. If a satisfaction is submitted for an original mortgage that was recorded after June 30, , the Department of Real Estate Coversheet that accompanied the recorded mortgage must also be submitted. Multiple documents constituting one transaction must be clearly numbered for order of recording. Re-recording expenses resulting from an incorrect order of recording shall be the responsibility of the submitter.

Parcel identification numbers Block and Lot numbers must appear on City of Pittsburgh deeds. Multiple parcels may be recorded on one deed. Any taxable deed presented for recording, with the property situated in more than one municipality, must be accompanied by a Statement of Value form in duplicate. The disbursement of local realty transfer taxes to the municipalities and school districts must be specified by percentage and dollar amounts in whole numbers. Allegheny County Office of Property Assessment is responsible for setting the assessment of each property within the County.

You can contact the Allegheny County Office of Property Assessment at regarding your assessed market value or appeals. If senior citizens fill out an application for the Tax Relief Program Act 77 with Allegheny County it will automatically be forwarded on to the Township. Jordan Tax Service collects this tax. Other times are by appointment. The office hours will be extended during the months that payments are due. Men in Allegheny County served in various regiments.

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Men often joined a company part of a large regiment that originated in their county. Naturalization records can contain information about immigration and nativity.

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Prior to , it is rare to find the town of origin in naturalization records. For more information, see Pennsylvania Naturalization. Newspapers may contain obituaries, births, marriages, deaths, anniversaries, family gatherings, family travel, achievements, business notices, engagement information, and probate court proceedings. Newspapers are often found in local or university libraries, historical or genealogical societies, or state archives in the area where the newspaper was published.

See Pennsylvania Newspapers for more information. The following are some of the online newspapers available in Allegheny County. To learn if there are newspapers on line for a specific town or city in Pennsylvania, see news. Obituaries are generally found in local newspapers where the person died or where family members lived.

Local libraries or societies may have indexes or other sources. The site lists the records, including conduct books, , discharge and descriptive dockets, , escaped prisoners, , prison registers , and more. The records are at the Pennsylvania State Archives.

Probate matters in Allegheny County are handled by the Orphans' Court and start when the county was created. In addition to wills and administrations, the Orphans' Court also handles: audits of accounts of executors, administrators, trustees, and guardians; distribution of estates; appointments of guardians; adoptions; appeals from the Register of Wills; inheritance tax appeals, and various petitions and motions. Vital records are handled by the County Orphans' Court.

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Between the years Pennsylvania made a failed attempt to record birth, marriage and death events at the county level. County marriage records were kept in earnest in Births and deaths, at the county level, were begun in and kept through For the most complete set of records, contact the County Orphans' Court. Early births — are located at the County Orphans' Court. For more information, see Pennsylvania Vital Records. Early deaths — are located at the County Orphans' Court. For indexes and records, and later, see Pennsylvania Vital Records.

While no on-line indexes or records are available, records may be obtained on site or by correspondence. An index to divorce records is included in the Ejectment and Miscellaneous Index.

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Request at the main desk. Older records may be in storage and have to be ordered. Family History Centers provide one-on-one assistance and free access to premium genealogical websites.